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In the summer of 2002 a group of goat milk producers in Ontario expressed a desire to take the marketing and transportation of their milk into their own hands. Beginning in October 2002, these producers shipped their milk directly to processors through the Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative Inc. (ODGC).

The main goal of the Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative is to market and ship its members' milk, meeting the co-op's high quality standards, for the best achievable price.

ODGC is a co-operative, meaning that it is producer owned and operated. This creates a transparent organization, which allows members to be actively involved in the marketing of their milk and to be fully aware of what is happening with their business and their money.

The Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative wants to play a role in the further development and promotion of the dairy goat industry in Ontario.

Our Sub-Goals
• To build strong relationships with processors.
• To achieve a good working relationship with the government, and
   be actively involved in the making of new legislation for our sector
   in agriculture.
• To have a good relationship with other producer groups and dairy
   goat organizations in Ontario and elsewhere.